Regis Resources is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all personnel associated with the Company’s operations.

To achieve this objective, the Company:

  • Ensures compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and other health and safety obligations
  • Creates and maintains a culture in the workplace whereby employees, contractors and visitors have accountability for maintaining a safe work environment
  • Operates under a formal safety management system
  • Ensures individuals, within their area of control, have the knowledge and resources to identify and effectively control hazards
  • Reports, records and investigates all events to ensure appropriate measures are taken to eliminate or manage potential risks
  • Provides training, information, instruction and supervision to all staff
  • Establishes a risk management focus promoting constant safety improvement initiatives

Our Safety Journey

Our safety journey is led by all employees throughout the business. We consistently strive to improve our safety performance giving clear goals and objectives that outline safety expectations. Our safety journey is based on a model starting with awareness and ending with integration where there is an increase in the level of maturity around safety performance, giving clear goals and objectives that outline safety expectations so everyone is aligned.

Health & Safety Policy

The health and safety of our people is our priority.

We are committed to the effective management of health and safety responsibilities, as an essential and integral part of planning and carrying out daily operations.

There is no task or job that is so important that the safety and wellbeing of any personnel on any of our sites need ever be compromised as a result of that task.

The Board has approved the Regis Health and Safety Policy which commits our operations to the effective management of health and safety responsibilities and view this as an essential and integral part of the planning and effective execution of daily operations.

We also recognise and understand that improving safety is an ongoing process, driven by a culture of improving safety through a top down and bottom up encouragement and enforcement approach to safety practices and procedures. and Safety Policy31 October 2023