Regis recognises that sharing value derived from mining activities with the communities that host our operations is integral to upholding a social licence to operate.

Each project and site operates within a unique community context and the Company’s consultation approaches are commensurate with the size and scale of the operation and its environs.

Working with Communities

Regis Resources has a social responsibility to identify and engage stakeholders within its community who may be affected by its operations, directly or indirectly.

Regis recognises and respects the traditions and cultures of Indigenous people and this is reflected in the undertaking of our activities in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

We are committed to building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships with our community by:

  • Maintaining a high level of consultation with local landholders and key stakeholders
  • Protecting and respecting human and property rights, and sites of heritage or cultural significance
  • Ensuring that our operations and community activities focus on building a beneficial social, economic and environmental legacy in the communities in which we operate

Regis Resources will achieve these objectives by:

  • Ensuring that employees and contractors receive training in environment, heritage, cultural awareness and community relations
  • Integrating the protection of values, land and sites of significance into the management of Regis’ operations
  • Identifying opportunities for the utilisation of local businesses and the employment of Indigenous people
  • Participation in public, community and government forums
  • Working with local stakeholders to identify appropriate opportunities for sponsorships, donations and community support